Introducing International Jazz Day AZ Foundation

International Jazz Day AZ Foundation is a Maricopa County-based organization that built its name through booking high-quality live concerts & Festivals events while quietly changing the cultural conversation in the Valley regarding music and arts. President/Executive Director William (Doc.) Jones, and International Jazz Day AZ Foundation are responsible for bringing names like Azar Lawrence, Nicolas Payton, Carlos Rivas, Maelo Ruiz, Luisito Rosario, Kermit Ruffins, Nayo Jones and Kerry Campbell to multiple Valley stages. The work being done behind the scenes contributes to the shifting in the cultural conversation not only locally but internationally. For more than fifteen years, International Jazz Day AZ Foundation along with its affiliate organization NextStudent Academy, have provided free summer music and art classes to Valley youth.

These programs have been fully supported by the proceeds from the entertainment and the support of a reliable music-loving public.

Doc Jones and his volunteer staff upon receiving 501 c 3 nonprofit IRS determination status from the IRS for this organization, are aiming to expand the program classes and student population year around with a Real Jazz Annual Festival on April 30th every year, called “Phoenix International Jazz Day” Festival. International Jazz Day AZ Foundation projects an expected draw this year 2019 approaching 3,000 people, the 8th Annual Phoenix International Jazz Day AZ Festival at Mesa Arts Center is primed to become “Arizona’s Signature Real Jazz” festival event in the Valley and the driver behind two of Arizona’s most driven nonprofit Arts organizations.

Brief History of International Jazz Day AZ Foundation

In 2015, International Jazz Day AZ Foundation was established as the nonprofit owner of the” Official International Jazz Day AZ Festival” with a mission to sow the seeds of the unique location of Phoenix AZ for generations to come. In the beginning, just 5 years ago, these Jazz events were not known as they are today. Accordingly, it is the goal of International Jazz Day AZ Foundation to get everyone involved endeavors to make sure that the Festival’s proceeds will be redistributed into the local community organizations that support and develop arts and jazz music programs for youth at risk, like Academy of Excellence, Nextstudent Academy for the Arts & Arizona Latino Arts & Cultural Center

About the Founder

BACKGROUND: William Doc Jones

Let me start with a little background on myself. I was born and raised in Chicago Ill. Attended Roosevelt University where I majored in music education. I move to Phoenix, Arizona in 1986 along with my wife and two children. Over the past 30 years I have use my passion for music education alongside being a professional Jazz musician myself to help work in the community to reduce crime in our neighborhoods. In 1995 I formed Quick’s Academy of music to work with corporations to provide free music lessons for young people considered at risk. That naturally called for me to create and design a music curriculum for charter school programs. >From 2000 to 2008, under a 501 (c )3 corporation titled NextStudent Academy of the Arts, Inc. (“Next Student”) I and my associates were able to succeed in accomplishing our goals to give free music lessons to youth involved in the programs. I was able to accomplish this with the help of volunteers on a minimal budget of $125,000. Over a period of two years, through Next Student we administered

over 5,000 free music lessons contributing to music programs in five after school programs.

Over View of Programs

Overview of Collaborative Programs Offered:

  • The William "Doc" Jones / NextStudent Academy School of Music. This is our main music education program and has been in existence since 1990. Classes will meet from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays, and Thursdays from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. The NextStudent Academy Music School will provide free group lessons in brass, woodwinds, piano, bass, drums, guitar and voice. All students are welcome. Returning students do not need to audition. Regular afterschool classes will resume on Aug. 2017.
  • The Int’l JazzDay Foundation; Brass Band. A new initiative, this is a New Orleans- style brass band for young musicians. We're looking for intermediate and advanced players. It will meet during our regular Saturday morning classes.
  • The NextStudent Academy A Capella Choir. A showcase for more advanced singers; it will meet during regular Saturday classes and on Thursday afternoons.

Audition and Enrollment Guidelines:

To register for the auditions, students will need to go online and complete the online form on internationaljazzdayaz.org ’s website. All students must have their own instruments (except for piano and drums) and they must bring them to the audition. Drummers will need to bring their own drumsticks.

International Jazz Day AZ Foundation: Programs accepts beginning to advanced students.

Beginners should have completed at least one year of prior instruction on their instruments. They should be able to play a major and minor scale, identify notes on a staff and play at least one song. Students should own their own instruments and should bring them to the auditions.

More Advanced students should be prepared to:

  • Perform a song (preferably a jazz standard) that demonstrates their full range of ability
  • Demonstrate an ability to improvise over a blues form in the keys of F and B flat
  • Play a chromatic scale (two octaves)
  • Sight-read an unfamiliar jazz composition
  • For pianists and bassists, demonstrate a fundamental ability to read chord changes

Drummers should have at least some experience with:

  • Single stroke and double stroke rolls
  • Flams and paradiddles
  • Reading snare drum music
  • Playing very basic jazz beat and rock/funk
  • beat
  • Second Line rhythms
  • Playing a C Major scale on the piano

Vocalists should be able to sing an unfamiliar melodic phrase after hearing it once or twice. Experience with reading music is a plus.

International Jazz Day Brass Band Candidates should be prepared to:

  • Sight-read a basic chart for a traditional New Orleans Brass Band standard
  • Perform major triads

Board Members

Dr. William Jones (affectionally called Doc Jones) was born and grow up in Chicago, IL. He attended Roosevelt University where his major was, music education. Doc Jones move to Phoenix, AZ in 1986 along with his wife and two children. Over the past 30 years, he has used his passion for music education alongside of being a professional Jazz musician; to use music appreciation and lesson for youth in the communities and neighborhoods. In 1995, Doc Jones formed Quick’s Academy of music to work with corporations to provide free music lessons for young students considered at risk. That naturally progressed him to create and design a music curriculum for charter school programs in this area.

From 2000 to 2008, under a 501 (c) 3 corporation titled NextStudent Academy of the Arts, Inc. (“Next Student”) Doc Jones and my associates were able to succeed in accomplishing their goals to give free music lessons to youth involved in these programs. Over a period of two years, through Next Student, they directed over 5,000 free music lessons contributing to music programs in five after school programs. NextStudent Academy of the Arts experience tremendous success for youth in the Phoenix, AZ area. It is for this reason that Doc Jones is appreciated and International Jazz Day AZ Foundation was developed as a collaborative effort not only in Phoenix AZ, but also in surrounding counties (i.e. Scottsdale, AZ), and Nationally.

Anthony Silverman has spent 30 years in the Securities business. He has concentrated on creating and funding Micro and Small Cap Companies. He has led or participated in financings totaling over $500 million for almost 100 companies including such diverse industries as: Airlines, retail, food products, telecommunications media, and life sciences. He founded and served as chairman and CEO of Paradise Valley Securities a broker dealer located in Scottsdale, Arizona. His successes include Celutel, which was purchased by Century Telephone, Royce Labs purchased by Watson Pharmaceuticals, and Reno Air Purchased by American Air Lines. In addition, several of his companies became exchange listed. Mr. Silverman has a B.S. degree from the University of Minnesota.

Donald Fenstermaker is one of the foremost Federal student loan experts in the United States and is the key architect behind the NextStudent.com. Don was the Founder and CEO of NextStudent, Inc. having built NextStudent from a small scholarship software company with one employee into the third largest student loan consolidation company in the United States in 2006, only behind publicly traded NelNet and Sallie Mae (having surpassed Chase, Citibank, SunTrust, Wells Fargo Bank and First Marblehead within three and half years of entering the student loan market). NextStudent was an originator and consolidator of Federal and private student loans, lending $6.8 billion. As part of NextStudent's philanthropic efforts, together with Doc Jones, Don assisted in building and funding NextStudent Academy of the Arts. Prior to forming Nextstudent.com, Don was employed by Business and Commuter Aviation Division of Honeywell and United Airlines. Don began his professional career as a flying officer in the USAF. Don graduated from the University of Illinois with a BS in mechanical engineering.

Shirley Jones served as a secretary to the Comptroller of Chicago, IL, a large home builder; transcribed Hematology Reports for University of Illinois Medical Center; Executive Secretary and Administrative Assistant to Corporate Counsel of the First National Bank of Chicago; an assistant to Chicago State College University' English Department, a paralegal assistant and an executive secretary. She also served as the Secretary in the Legal Department of BC/BS of Chicago, and Jr. Editor for Coal Mining Magazine. Shirley is also the Co-author of the UCC Banking Codes governing ATM usage -1978/'79. Shirley has 25 years plus legal experience in two States, Illinois and Arizona. She has supervised a team of 13 persons and co-operated three successful businesses with her husband (one in Chicago, and two in Arizona). She is also an author of written published articles in Chicago newspapers and in Arizona and has written for 504Mag.com.

Aubrey Morris is a Software manager for a fortune 500 company and CEO of AMEC Records. Aubrey started playing music at the age of 10 taking formal guitar and drum lessons in his hometown of Chicago. By the age of 16, Aubrey traveled the United States playing drums for Chicago's #1 local gospel quartet "Rueben Burton & The Victory Travelers". Aubrey attended The" Kenwood Academy" High School located in Hyde Park, an upscale urban melting pot in Chicago. While at KHS Aubrey would become more involved in music by joining the jazz band under the direction of world-renowned instructor Gene Page. Aubrey's love for music continued to manifest by 1995 he started his own record label and concert promotion company. In that same year Aubrey handpicked 3 young men from other gospel quartet groups and created "The Windy City Spiritual Aires" which in 2000 was the #5 new wave quartet in the country. Aubrey is Arizona's #1 Black music promoter having promoted over 100 concerts (Gospel & Secular) & another 50 throughout the United States. Aubrey's list of artists that he has promoted in Arizona includes but not limited to are Grammy & Stella winners. Today, Aubrey manages and records some of the biggest hit makers from years past, his passion is Traditional Gospel, Classic Soul and R&B and most of all keeping real music alive.

William H. Adkins Entrepreneur/Philanthropist Bill oddly enough is highly regarded for both his spiritual leadership and strong business acumen. Most recently, he helped spearhead a start-up technology company – automotive Mastermind specializing in predictive analytics for the automotive industry. Through his extensive industry contacts, he helped the company grow from 7 employees and 8 clients to well over 300 employees and 1,200 clients. This led to a $500 million merger with IHS Markit a major industry player. Prior to this he spent 10-years at the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) as a professor training prospective dealer candidate on financial and retail automotive management. This was after spending more than 19-years as an automobile dealer including one of the highest selling Corvette dealerships in the country – Palanker Chevrolet in Babylon, New York. He started out his career working for the General Motors Acceptance Corporation (GMAC) and over a 15-year span held numerous increasingly important positions including with General Motors (GM) ranging from Credit Representative to District Manager. During this time, he also worked for Volkswagen of America (VW) as a Training Manager and Union City Body Company as a Regional Sales Manager.

Pauline Adkins Entrepreneur/Philanthropist Pauline began her professional career working for Ameritech Publishing (AT&T) in the Marketing Department handling corporate giving. She coordinated the giving program, prepared annual budgets, recommended annual grants and sponsoring community activities. Heeding the call of entrepreneurship, she and her husband Bill pursued his lifelong dream of owning and operating his own automotive dealership. They ultimately purchased and successfully operated Palanker Chevrolet in W. Babylon, New York – the country’s highest selling Corvette dealership at the time. An integral part of the organization she managed all administrative, office and customer relations-based activities including community outreach and support. Continuing along the customer service line she spent 8 years working in various customer service-related capacities at Nordstrom; known for its’ superior customer service. Today she runs her own company – Gen R LLC where she provides consulting services to clients putting to use the vast amount of knowledge and experience she has gleaned from her journey.