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International Jazz Day AZ's mission is to promote, preserve, perpetuate, and encourage the music, culture, and heritage of communities in Arizona through producing festivals, music education programs, and other cultural, educational, civic, and economic activities. We provide free music classes and instruments to kids at Risk. We have made changes to our 501-C3 Article to introduce a new initiative called Jazz Town USA in response to the pandemic's effects on musicians. This unique program aims to provide affordable housing that caters to the distinctive needs of musicians.

April 27th Scottsdale Jazz Festival

Scottsdale Jazz, Blues, & Brew Festival

(Scottsdale, Ariz.) It’s the ultimate combination. Cool jazz and blues come together
to create a red-hot music festival. The Molina Fine Jewelers Scottsdale Jazz Festival
returns to the Civic Center on April 27th. This year, the event takes place at the Civic Center’s brand-new East Bowl is its largest amphitheater in a beautiful setting.
Artists include Grammy Award winner Norman Brown, the internationally known New Orleans jazz great Donald Harris, and renowned vocalist Nayo Jones. This year’s festival also features Latin jazz, with a captivating performance by Carlos Rivas Y Mexsal, Billboard artist Neamen Lyles  Plus, and many other talented musicians will take the stage. Norman Brown


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Giving students access to instruments and music education 

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Uniting Arizona around International Jazz Day

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Providing Cultural Enrichment through festivals and events

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Founder and Executive Director of Local Jazz Day AZ Foundation Joins Worldwide 'International Jazz Day' Organization as a Partner!


United States Delegate
William "Doc" Jones

International Jazz Day is made possible thanks to the voluntary efforts of organizers at all levels of civil society in more than 190 countries worldwide. Whether small or large, organizations have an important role to play in facilitating the global celebration, lending their resources and accumulated expertise to curate multifaceted programs that make significant impacts on the local community.


Thanks to these efforts, International Jazz Day has become a widely anticipated moment on municipal and regional cultural calendars, promoting capacity building in the relevant cultural sectors and increased awareness of jazz and its role as a vector for peace and intercultural dialogue. The International Jazz Day organization recognizes those institutions who have generously devoted their time and resources to ensuring that International Jazz Day is celebrated in a way that truly reflects its global identity.

Excerpts from a recent interview with 'International Jazz Day':

Tell us a little about your organization’s mission.
We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with the mission to unite the state around a resolution proclaiming April 30 International Jazz Day in the State of Arizona.

Why does your organization celebrate International Jazz Day?
Not only have I been a professional jazz musician for 30 years, I have also been a music educator using jazz as a means to reduce crime in my community, as well as to promote staying in school for young people at risk.


Tell us about a favorite memory from International Jazz Day.
My favorite memory is when the full Arizona House and Senate, as well as the Governor and eight Mayors from around the State all presented us with a proclamation declaring April 30th International Jazz Day, as well as our 2nd “Jazz At Lunch Time” at the State Capitol.


How do you think jazz can improve people’s lives?
It allows those who are listening or playing this form of music the opportunity to be creative.


The International Jazz Day AZ Foundation is an Arizona-based 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the virtues of jazz in education, economic development, and cultural enrichment. We are developing an initiative to build affordable housing for musicians.





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