One issue Republicans and Democrats agree on?Jazz Music was created in America (the city of New Orleans) and is now exported around the world.

When is the last time you read an article that concluded with Republicans and Democrats on the same page on any given subject respecting a common cause? There is one thing the two parties do agree on. THE CELEBRATION OF INTERNATIONAL JAZZ DAY APRIL 30TH
More Jazz Education, more influence around the world.

The 5th Annual International Jazz Day AZ campaign is on track to break records for it’s festivities at CityScape on April 30th, primarily due to the successful efforts of Doc Jones and his International Jazz Day AZ Foundation Committee and nonprofit community organization NextStudent Academy had in bringing the Governor of the State on AZ and its Capital City’s Mayor together on this issue. Doc Jones now has two weeks left to secure the support of the State’s Senators and Congressman to support this year’s 5th Annual celebration at CityScape.  Jones has discuss with the Governor, the Mayor of Phoenix, as well as US Representative Ruben Gallego, of Arizona’s 7th District alongside anyone who would listen to the importance of April 30th event.

April 30th in the Jazz community is not just for music lovers to gather to have a good time, enjoying great music while being entertained, but the opportunity to show the world that the great State of Arizona recognizes the contribution Jazz music has made toward creating, peace and harmony among people all over the world.  Jones has discussed with these key figures the apparent dangers of dropping band from the Arts Education programs from the State’s curriculum. The dangers of not giving our American music students the same education as our counterparts around the world, as student such in China, Japan and Germany and other parts of the world. We’re seeing voters make a big deal over the disappearance of Art and music in our schools.

Key findings include:
• 76 percent of respondents (including identical shares of Republicans and Democrats) say arts education should have a greater role in all schools than in the past;
• 84 percent of Democrats and 72 percent and Republicans are in favor of giving more amounts of money to K thru 12 grade levels in our schools in support arts education and programs like Jones’ “WEE JAZZ” program, where he puts violins in the hands of preschoolers where qualified instructors teach them the art of playing an instrument.
While noteworthy for the bipartisan support, this issue is receiving three-fourths consensus is a core issue to the electorate. Lawmakers should take note, as voters will make this a priority in the up coming bill on the ballet Arizona Education Finance Amendment, Proposition 123 May 17 2016.

• The Arizona Education Finance Amendment, Proposition 123 is on the May 17, 2016 ballots in Arizona as a legislatively referred constitutional amendment;
• If approved by voters, the measure would increase education funding by $3.5 billion over the course of 10 years by allocating money from the general fund and increasing annual distributions of the state land trust permanent funds to education.
A “yes” vote would devote $3.5 billion of the general funds and state land trust fund toward education.
A “no” vote would keep the current education funding levels from the land trust fund.
• Doc Jones, a three (3) decade supporter of music education in our schools, has made it clear that he strongly believes the Governor should direct a portion of those funds to support music arts education (to include Jazz music) in all Arizona schools in support of its future – our children!

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