The legendary Jazz Saxophone & Keyboard player William Doc Jones is known to music lovers as the “keeper of the Jazz flame alive ” for traditional
Arizona and now New Orleans jazz and to critics as one of the top musicians produced by the Windy City of Chicago and now New Orleans.
“The mission of the Doc Jones Quintet is to expose audiences everywhere to the authentic music of New Orleans and Chicago, the music of Phil Choran, John Coltrane, Bunky Green, traditional Jazz and all the other greats who have helped create the rich gumbo that is the sound of New Orleans,” he says, “while putting our own more modern stamp on it.”
Doc Jones himself, a native of Chicago, whose playing has been described as a blend of swing, and bebop virtuoso Herbie Hancock and John Coltrane, has been a critical figure in the history of traditional Jazz music. Doc Jones Continue working in the realm of live music, in print media and multimedia. He have formulated music education programs as well geared towards school age children in an effort to encourage them to include music, journalism or film making in their curriculum as well as in their personal lives.