Governor and AZ Mayors Proclaims April 30 Int’l Jazz Day in Arizona

Governor Doug Ducey has issued a Proclamation to Doc Jones declaring April 30, “International Jazz Day.”

The proclamation will be presented on April 30 at the International Jazz Day Festival in Phoenix at CityScape.

In the proclamation, Governor Ducey calls jazz “the universal language of freedom spoken eloquently by people in the United States and abroad” and “an international language that bridges differences and brings people together regardless of race, age, gender or socio-economic class.” This proclamation, according to the Governor, “provides for an effective and powerful means to highlight the contribution of jazz to the dialoge among cultures by connecting different communities, schools and other groups around the world in celebrating and raising awareness about the art of jazz and how it has become a part of our culture.”

The state of Arizona thank Doc Jones and his staff for producing the 5th Annual Jazz Day Festival at CityScape

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