In 2015, International Jazz Day AZ Foundation was established as the nonprofit owner of the ”Official International Jazz Day AZ Festival” with a mission to sow the seeds of the unique location of Phoenix AZ for generations to come.

In the beginning, the festival just 4 years ago was not the known event that it is today. The Official International Jazz Day AZ Festivals can and will attract thousands of visitors to Arizona as was prove with last years Super Bowl and pumps millions a year into the local economy. However, the founder, Dr. William Doc Jones, and his partner Mr Lalo Gonzalez, had great foresight and believed that International Jazz Day AZ Fest would one day grow into a major success.

Consequently, everyone involved endeavored to make sure that the Festival’s proceeds would be redistributed into the local community organizations that support and develop arts and jazz music programs for youth at risk, like Academy of Excellence, Nextstudent Academy for the arts & Arizona latino Arts & Cultural Center. Hence, the Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is in the process of establishing a distinguished board of directors and a full-time staff that will understand the important this art form has to Arizona and the world.